Tried and Tested Nail Care and Polish Favourites 

I love looking after and painting my nails myself. Some of my favourite nails product brands are OPI and Nails Inc. I do have quite a collection of a variety of treatments and polishes but I always come back to the stunning red shades!

OPI – I love Big Apple Red

Below is a photo of my current fave by Nails Inc NailKale –  Victoria and Albert.

I love this red shade, this is my go to colour, no other reds quite cut the mustard for me. I have been wearing this particular shade by Nails Inc for close to 10 years…. Blimey I am showing my age now!

Their NailKale range offers treatment and nourishment within the colour polish which is a definite positive. I always use a base coat whenever I paint my nails and OPI’s Nail Envy has transformed by nails over the years. Nail Envy is a nail strengthen which can be used as a base coat – it drys quickly and really strengthens and nourishes my nails and I think it enlongates the staying power of any colour polish applied on top.

After applying at least two coats of nail polish I always use a top coat for a glossy polished look which lasts. I have been loving Nails Inc’s Kensington Caviar Top Coat. This top coat is quite thick but effortlessly covers my polish sealing the nail and dries quickly with a super glossy finish.

I always finish my nails with OPI’s Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil. I have been using this for years and years. I love to use it over my cuticles and my nails to support them to dry faster whilst nourishing the whole nail, cuticle and skin surrounding them. I use Avoplex oil every day on my nails and cuticles which I also thinks helps with the polish’s staying power and remaining chip free for looking as the oil nourishes the nail and surround.

When I file my nails I use OPI’s glass nail file which has lasted years and years. It is gentle on the nail and creates a smooth finish without damaging the nail.

Let me know your thoughts and whether you adore the shade Victoria and Albert like me.


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